In the Sacrament of Marriage, a man and a woman give themselves to each other in a lifelong commitment of love and fidelity. Their union reflects the fruitful love that exists between Christ and his Church. Together, the husband and wife assist each other in attaining holiness and in raising children in the Catholic faith.

Due to these important responsibilities of marriage, those intending to be married should be actively living their faith, attending Mass regularly and receiving the sacraments. The couple who are getting married should contact the Parish to set up an initial interview and receive the Parish Guidelines for the Celebration of Marriage. It is important to note that a date for the wedding will not be set prior to this meeting.

Moreover, the meeting should be made at least six (6) months in advance of the wedding. This is in order to allow for enough time to ensure that all details and requirements are met.

The Catholic Church encourages members of the Church to marry in their own parish church, having their own pastor as the celebrant. The Church emphasises the great benefit to the couple to prepare for their marriage within their faith community with the assistance and prayers of their fellow parishioners. This is made possible when you celebrate your marriage in your own parish church.

It is required that the couple attends a Marriage Preparation course. The course provides the couple with information and education in order to help them have a healthy marriage, and it gives the opportunity for the couple to learn the importance of faith in their lives together. There are many such courses, these will be discussed with you during your interview with a priest.

To set up an initial interview with the Parish Priest, please contact the Parish Office on 9622 1125 or via email at