Parish Council Nominations


for PARISH COUNCILLORS to take office from 9 September 2017 to September 2019


It is that time in our parish life that all of us have to turn our minds to the election of new Councillors, and to consider whether we can use our gifts and talents (and we all have them!) in accepting a role as a councillor for a specific time. Over the next few weeks we will present an overview of what are desirable in councillors and what role the Council plays in the Parish.

Our parish needs Christian leadership to help support our pastoral life and spiritual growth. Please help identify lay persons in this faith community who may be willing to assist the Parish Team and our Priests in their leadership roles of planning the growth of the parish, and to advise on the arrangements that needs to be in place so that our Ministries can properly fulfil their roles. Parishioners may nominate themselves (7.6 of Statutes)

Any questions you may have can be sent to:, or call the parish office at (02) 96221125 or speak to any councillor.

On the form in this bulletin please list the names of parishioners whom you identify as having the gifts for pastoral council leadership. (As mentioned earlier you can nominate yourself). These people will receive a call to inform them that they have been nominated and to ask them to participate in the discernment process and lunch on Saturday 9th September 2017 from 1.00pm to 4.30pm.

Thank you for your recommendations. Please pray for the selection of the Pastoral Council Leadership in our parish.

Peter Baker – Chairperson


or you can download a copy here



Potential PPC members do not need to have specific training in church or in planning. Members do need to be open to learning about church and engaging other people within the parish. Specific qualities include

  • Participating members of the Parish;
  • A working knowledge of parish and diocesan life;
  • A vision of the Church as the people of God;
  • A desire for spiritual growth;
  • An openness toward study and reflection;
  • An eagerness to carry out the parish mission;
  • An ease in working with groups;
  • A willingness to empower others;
  • A desire to work with consensus decision making;
  • An availability of time and energy.
  • An ability to listen to the needs of the parishioners;

Prospective candidates should:

  • Desire spiritual growth for oneself and parish
  • Be enthusiastic about the future directions of the parish
  • Have a willingness to listen, speak honestly and to work toward consensus
  • Display the ability to inspire and empower others and to delegate
  • Demonstrate exibility and openness with people and ideas



or you can download a copy here