Parish Pastoral Council

The Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference has named pastoral planning as “a primary role of the parish pastoral council” for it is “the discipline of intentionally working towards a desired future” (ACBC’s Committee for Laity).

Parish pastoral councils are mandatory in the Diocese of Parramatta. They generally include elected lay members and are presided over by the parish priest but may be chaired by a layperson.

The purpose of such councils is to foster pastoral action in the parish by proposing, studying and facilitating pastoral initiatives that respond to the needs of the local community. This includes planning for the future with the support of the parish finance committee so that the faith community can grow in holiness and reach out to others with the Gospel.


Getting in Touch with Your PPC

Your PPC welcomes your ideas/feedback about the Pastoral Mission of Mary, Queen of the Family Parish. You can submit correspondence:

1) via email, addressed to

2) via the PPC Correspondence Box located in both churches.

In order to fulfil our commitment to our parish community, we would ask that ALL correspondence include your name and contact information (email/phone number). We cannot reply to anonymous mail !

The PPC is cleared weekly by the PPC Secretary and by Parish Office Staff. Correspondence is presented to the executive and to the members at General meetings unless the topic is more appropriately replied by the Parish Team.



pdficon_small  The norms for parish pastoral councils in the Diocese of Parramatta (PDF).

hyperlink-icon  The website of the ACBC, providing the theology, information and resources for parish pastoral councils.

pdficon_smallMary Queen of the Family, Parish Pastoral Council Statutes