Parish History

The Catholic faith in Blacktown has a rich and ancient genealogy. The history of the Church in Blacktown spans as far back as the mid 1800s. As we live in the newest community of Catholics in Blacktown, it’s important that we remember and celebrate our history, and create new traditions in the same spirit as the old.


Parish of Prospect and Parish of South Blacktown:

  • 1845: Catholic school begins in a shed in Prospect
  • 27 July 1856: The Church of St Brigid, Prospect is opened by Archbishop John Bede Polding. The church was built on the donations of money and time by the Catholic Community of Prospect. The school uses the Church as a schoolhouse until 1867
  • 1885: Fr Patrick Augustine Holland appointed as the first Parish Priest of Prospect. Until then St Brigid’s was effectively an out-church of Parramatta parish
  • February 1962: St Michael’s School, South Blacktown was opened by the Sisters of Mercy by Reservoir Road to alleviate the overcrowding of St Patrick’s School
  • 1963: The Presentation Sisters take over St Michael’s Primary School and St Patrick’s Secondary School from the Sisters of Mercy
  • 1964: Mass Centre at Blacktown South opened on Palm Sunday for school masses
  • 1965: Nagle Girls’ Regional High School is opened on land adjacent to St Michael’s Primary
  • 1969: Blacktown parish is redivided- South Blacktown and Prospect were combined as the new Parish of Blacktown South and Blacktown Parish remained in central Blacktown
  • 23 December 1979: St Michael’s Church Blacktown South at Orwell Street dedicated by Cardinal Freeman. The bricks of the historic St Brigid’s were used to build the sanctuary wall and the original Altar Stone from St Brigid’s is set into the new Altar.


Parish of Blacktown:

  • 1881: land for the site of the first Church in Blacktown given by Thomas Patrick Fitzsimmons for the token sum of 10 shillings along with a donation of 100 pounds.
  • 19 June 1892: Blessing of the new Church of St Patrick
  • 1919: Foundation of St Patrick’s School- classes were held in the church
  • 26 November 1946: Blacktown was created as a parish- Fr Bernard Massey was the first Parish Priest of Blacktown
  • 26 January 1952: The Patrician Brother’s School was officially opened on Flushcombe Rd
  • 1952: St Patrick’s Primary School, conducted by the Sisters of Mercy, opened their new, two-storey school building on Patrick Street. Secondary school students were taken in beginning 1953.
  • 1959-1963: Blacktown Parish divided into Parishes of Seven Hills (1959), Lalor Park (1961), Marayong (1961) and Doonside (1963) as a result of fast population growth
  • 21 September 1975: The second Church of St Patrick is opened and blessed
  • 1982: Land purchased on Allawah Street for a larger church to suit the growing Blacktown Catholic Community
  • 1984: Plans for the new Church of St Patrick are lodged
  • 14 April 1986: St Patrick’s Parish, Blacktown was joined to the Diocese of Parramatta
  • 7 December 1986: Dedication of St Patrick’s Parish Centre- a new place of worship to cater to the diverse needs of the Blacktown Catholic Community


Mary, Queen of the Family Parish, Blacktown:

  • 18 September 2014: Bishop Anthony Fisher decrees the merger of St Michael’s Parish, Blacktown South and St Patrick’s Parish, Blacktown into a single new parish- Mary, Queen of the Family Parish, Blacktown. A new chapter in the rich history of Blacktown Catholics has begun.



pdficon_smallLetter from Bishop Anthony (PDF 464K)

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