Finance Committee

Who is the Finance Committee?

Parish Priest: Fr Peter Confeggi
Business Manager: Jacqueline Castillo-Anchique
Chairperson: Michael Zerafa
Members: Bill Callaghan
Jojo Stamati
John Kurmann
Colin Morris
Phil Dulawan

Members are appointed by the Parish Priest. The committee is composed of representatives of both the St Patrick’s and St Michael’s church communities and, with a diverse mix of ages, gender occupations and perspectives, is able to assist Father with important financial decision s impacting the parish.

What we do:

  • Responsible for assisting the Parish Priest with the stewardship of the material goods of the Parish;
  • Respond to correspondence on suggestions for expenses such as World Youth Day, improvements, building repairs and maintenance matters, attendance of conferences, courses, etc;
  • Assist Parish Priest to manage particular projects and be a part of any sub-committees formed;
  • Informed of Financial Statements, income received and expenses incurred;
  • Informed of Parish Staff movements;
  • Informed of issues surrounding buildings/properties owned by the parish;
  • Informed of reporting to external agencies such as Taxation, Clearing House (superannuation), audits;
  • Consult on budgeting for Audits.

How we work together:

  • The Parish Finance Committee is a consultative body.
  • The Finance Committee maintains an open and close relationship with other Ministry Groups and particularly, the Parish Pastoral Council, when it comes to budgeting and allocating funds for the Parish to grow and achieve its‘ mission.
  • We work with the Diocesan Pastoral Plan in mind. This includes such things as:
    • looking at the plans and needs of the Sacramental Team to allow them to grow in their ministry/ mission;
    • looking at the plans and needs of our Youth Ministry so it can continue to grow and reach out to youth at a Parish, School, Diocesan (and beyond ) level eg. World Youth Day;
    • looking at the plans and needs of all our Ministries to see where we can assist in their development and growth eg, access to information, resources, courses, guest speakers etc.

How we communicate:

  • The Finance Committee communicates through the Parish Bulletin eg. Finance Facts;
  • Answering any correspondence received;
  • Talking to parishioners;
  • Presentations at Masses;
  • Participating in consultative groups with the Diocese in projects, when required;
  • Suggesting parishioners be involved in consultative groups based on their expertise and knowledge, ie. in Property Management, architecture, building trades, local council contacts, law and business expertise.