Ministry of Welcome

Below is a reflection by Youth Minister Alison Ryan, inspired by the Gospel of the 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C – about Zacchaeus welcoming the Lord to his house. Can Mary Queen of the Family Parish emulate Zachaeus?…

There is something else that we want to talk about today.

Something that can be a real game-changer for those who are visitors or new to our community and for all of us too.

In the gospel today we heard that when the Lord told Zacchaeus that he wanted to go to his house today, Zacchaeus “hurried down and welcomed him joyfully”. I think that we would all do the same if Jesus said he wanted to come for a visit! That eagerness to welcome which Zacchaeus demonstrated is a great model for us all. But think about the way we walk into our masses here in Blacktown… is there always someone welcoming us joyfully? When was the last time you arrived at mass and hurried over to one of the doors to welcome people?

Watch this movie about what our parishioners believe makes a parish a welcoming parish:

So the challenge is can we be more like Zacchaeus in our eagerness to welcome. Can we see Christ in each and everyone who comes to our parish and hurry to welcome them joyfully?