RCIA Participant Testimonials


My first experience was when my daughter Samantha was attending her First Eucharist Experience. I noticed, that my daughter Samantha had both parents attending the Holy Ceremony, I couldn’t attend. I felt lonely and worried. I asked my wife Eva, what was something “I could have done differently” my wife answered, by having your “First Communion” I didn’t understand the process. So, my wife, changed that for me, she, rang a few people in the Parish of: Mary, Queen of the Family Parish, and, spoke to Lisa and Sister Grace.

Then, she received a call. Everything changed that moment. I started to attend classes, every Monday Evening at St Michaels Church with the wonderful Gary and Julie (we learned lots, and.. gave us homework) my wife Eva, would help me with the actual process.

So, I concluded the course, had my FIRST EUCHARIST and was overwhelmed with the whole process.

So, now I attended MASS every SUNDAY and I am so proud, and full of Joy that I receive Jesus Christ in his full body and blood of his HOLY SPIRIT. I am so overwhelmed, next month Sept 2017, my daughter Samantha, is Celebrating her CONFIRMATION: that means, I will be able to stand, tall, and proud, and receive the Holy Spirit.

This process, has taught me to be more aware of the Whole Christian Spirit and to believe in myself as a man, husband and (foremost) as a father. My wife Eva, has been a true light is the Whole Experience. She, has brought to me, her understanding, her true love and over-all-else her sense of believing in one-self and one can do for themselves.

My family has been my corner-stone in this whole Christian Process. Without my Wife Eva, and her love, understanding and support this process would have completely fail.

I would, like to thank Father Peter, Father Luis, Sister Grace and Lisa, Antoinette, Gary & Julie all the members of OUR amazing Group: Amy, Rebecca, Kavani, Tanya & myself.

This whole process has become an experience which I will cherish for the Rest of my Life:

Please thank again ALL involved in this Amazing Process:

God Bless!

Love always

John and Eva CHEETLEY


My experience in going through the RCIA process at was a very eye opening and spiritual process for me.
It taught me the value of being part of something bigger than myself. It also gave me a different type of guidance which was lacking from my whole life.
The facilitators, staff and my beautiful sponsor guided me through this amazing journey and I found that God is truly here for me no matter what I go through day in and day out.
During my life before going through the RCIA process I had always thought God was not there as I endured so much hurt and pain until I finally something clicked and I understood what others could see about having faith.
I had always thought I was baptised as a Catholic but found out that I never was, this again opened my eyes to what I needed to do for myself.
The blessed evening took place at St Patrick’s Church and it was such a surreal moment, the whole event was just amazing. I took it all in and was surrounded by loved ones and the whole church community.
In looking back I think I reached a pivotal time in my life when I saw the opportunity to do something for me. I was 41 when I went through this spiritual transformation. This shows you are never too old to go through the process if you just believe.

Geoffrey Reed



I joined the RCIA group at Mary Queen of the Family so that I could become a recognised Catholic and deepen my relationship with God. I could not have asked for a better team to work with whilst I made my faith journey. I was able to ask questions openly and discuss my thoughts and understanding of scriptures and the teachings of the Catholic Church without feeling judged. I felt a real sense of community throughout the process and the team leaders offered very valuable and experienced insights that I would not have experienced without completing this journey. I developed fantastic relationships with the group, and looked forward to our weekly meetings. The whole process was well planned into different sections and I have learnt so much since the beginning of the course. It is a great way to strengthen and develop your faith, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to become a Catholic.

 Rebecca Speed


My recent journey through the RCIA program at Mary Queen of the Family Parish Blacktown was nothing short of wonderful.

Every week I would look forward to attending the RCIA meetings, these meetings would allow me to gain a better understanding of the Catholic Church and help me on my path to Catholicism through presentations and group discussions. The meetings allowed me to raise any concerns questions I had in a warm and friendly environment, and also allowed for new friendships and connections to form.

Attending Mass at the Easter Vigil was an experience I will never forget, whilst it will be remembered as the night I graduated and fully become one with the Church and Parish, it was also the start of my spiritual journey and new beginnings.

I cannot thank the RCIA team and all its members enough for helping me on this path of Catholicism, any person wishing to undertake this course in the future will have nothing but positive experiences and lasting friendships. 

Renee Ford



The gift of Jesus that I have received this Easter is indescribable and it would not have happened if His Church had not been here for me – so thank you, I feel compelled to write to you.

There are so many of you who have helped me on this journey that I just could not have comprehended a year ago. Firstly the RCIA team who have met with us every week for the past eight months, not just providing us with dogma but patiently encouraging our personal understandings of the Church’s teachings, dealing with each of us so personally and tailoring discussions to suit each of our temperaments and personality types. It’s no wonder that a majority of the RCIA team are teachers, who else would have such a capability 🙂

The Parish team I must thank for providing us with the wonderful experience of the Easter Triduum and Vigil Mass. I was just blown away by the Easter Vigil Mass. What is the most important mass in the year, you truly made real to us with the perfect coordination and thought out process. Small symbolic touches like asking the three girls to carry the water or the fast changeover time between liturgies with the bells being rung just added to the beauty of the mass and the experience for us. I especially want to thank the Parish team for working to organise candles for us this year. The whole Triduum truly transported us back in time and it was a great comfort to me that we were celebrating mass much like our catholic grandparents, great grandparents and likely even back to the days of the early church. We are truly body and soul and the use of the elements; water, fire, sound (including the glorious music), perfumed oil, bread and wine makes it ever so real. I understand that significant levels of coordination and effort would have been required from all the volunteers especially Sister Grace to achieve such a task – thank you. I cannot detail everything without writing a chapter, so I will move on.

A special thank you must be made to our Parish priests Father Peter, Father Luis and Father Denes. If you all were not here, we wouldn’t have access to the Eucharist and the Church would not be here. Ministering of the Sacraments and giving us new life is enough to be grateful perpetually for, but each one of you have not only contributed so much to the ongoing existence of the church that nourishes us through Mass but have individually impacted and continue to support my journey. You have each prayed for me, explained different aspects of the Church to me and counselled me in moments of personal confusion. And you do this, and more, at great cost, as Father Luis mentioned on Mother’s day, the price of being a priest is that he is far away from his mum. At the end of the day, when the rest of us hopefully have someone to comfort us, a child sleeping on our laps or a spouse to hug us, you are in solitude – and you choose this in order to serve us completely. Thank you, thank you and thank you. And please, remember, we are your family. If you are ever in need of a hug or a friendly chat, please don’t hesitate to give this daughter of yours a call 🙂

Lastly thank you to the church community, last year when my sponsor told me that joining the church publicly at Easter would be the most beautiful thing, I didn’t quite understand, but now I do. So many of you prayed for me, people who I didn’t know came up and wished me and have taken so much effort to get to know me and understand me. I am truly happy to be joining this wonderful catholic family and look forward to a lifetime of praying and working with you.

In the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, God bless you all.